Here’s What You Need to Know about Writing a Manuscript

A manuscript could be any written material in the form of the research paper, scientific article, essay, thesis, dissertation, synopsis, short story, novel, poem or a literary work that is ready to publish in a journal or in the book form. Nowadays, only a few authors of the manuscript are writing the complete content of manuscripts at their own, most of them are looking for a ghost writer to write a manuscript. Besides writing a manuscript, formatting the manuscript according to standard manuscript format recommended by the publisher is the real challenge for the author. To cope with this challenge, most of the manuscript authors prefer the manuscript ghostwriting.

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Steps to Organize Your Manuscript Properly

There are always some certain rules for organizing the manuscripts. The rules of writing a letter of introduction are very much different than writing and organizing the manuscripts for publication. Following steps are involved in organizing a manuscript for publication;

  • From all four sides, set the margins of your manuscript at 3cm.
  • Keep the right side jagged and align the left side only.
  • Use the font size twelve-point with Courier, Calibri, Arial or Times New Roman font style in black ink.
  • There should be no extra spaces between the paragraphs but keep the double space between the lines and a single space between the sentences.
  • Don’t forget to indent the new paragraphs with the exclusion of opening paragraph for a scene break or chapter. Don’t use the tab key to set the indent.
  • In case of novel type manuscript, insert a black line to indicate the scene breaks and put “#” in the center of the line.
  • Start the chapters from new pages by keeping the chapter title at the top center of the page. Skip a couple of spaces and begin the text of the chapter.
  • At the end of the manuscript, put a double-spaced blank line down.

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Manuscript Style Guidelines

The style guidelines for writing a manuscript for publication is the set of writing standards for designing the manuscripts both for general and specific publication. Style guidelines are adopted in every type of manuscript to improve consistency in a document such as academic and literary work, journalism, business, law, medicine etc. Some common manuscript style guidelines are as follows;

  • APA style for social sciences
  • AP style for corporate communications and journalism
  • AGPS or USGPO style for government publications
  • Chicago and Oxford style for readership and academic publishing
  • ACS style for chemical industry and chemistry
  • CSE style for physical sciences
  • Bluebook style for regulation of law
  • AMA style for medical science and medicine

What Is a Standard Manuscript Format?

The standard manuscript format that is required for journal publication and to-book a manuscript is described in the following lines;

  • A4 or 8.5″×11″ paper size
  • Calibri or Courier font style
  • 10-point or 12-point font size
  • The lines of text should be set as double-spaced lines of text
  • Text lines per page should be 24 – 25
  • Margins should be 1, 1.25 – 1.5 inch
  • 0.5 inches paragraph indentation
  • One side printed page with black ink
  • The author’s name and contact information should be at the top left corner of the first page of the document.
  • The word count should appear at the bottom right corner of each page.

Structure of a Manuscript

  • Title & abstract: The first phase of organizing a manuscript is assigning a separate page for the title of the manuscript and introduction of the author. After that, you should write the brief abstract of the whole manuscript at the very next page.
  • Acknowledgment page and index: Right after the abstract, there should be a place of acknowledgment page and subsequently an index page.
  • Introduction: Now there is time to start writing the first chapter of the manuscript which is called introduction. An introduction should comprise the background of manuscript theme along with justification of the need for writing this particular piece of writing.
  • Materials & methods: If your manuscript is the scientific article or a research paper, you should mention the materials that have to be used in the research work and should also describe the method of performing the experiments on the basis of standard procedures.
  • Results & discussion: Results and discussion is the part of a research article that is written after getting the findings of experiments and analysis of data through statistical analysis.
  • Figures & tables: The best way of discussing the experiment results of any research manuscript is drawing the figures and tables. This is the most acceptable format of all
  • Conclusion: Conclusion is necessary for all types of manuscript. The reader must get some final point after reading the manuscript.
  • References: References are also compulsory for all types of manuscripts because they support the author and keep the author save from unnecessary objections and claims.

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Different Types of Manuscript

A manuscript writer should be aware of the types of the manuscript before start writing the project. For the convenience of manuscript writers, different types of manuscripts are presented in the following lines:

➢  Original Research

The most widely adopted type of manuscript in research journals is called “Original Research” or “Original Article”. This type of manuscript is used for a wide of literary and academic articles and comprises the introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion.

➢  Rapid Communications

This type of manuscript talks about those findings that are believed by the editors and encourage further research in the field. Rapid Communications have strict time limits for publication and fix length limits as well. Some journals mention this type of manuscript as “Letter”.

➢  Review Articles

“Review Articles” is another type of manuscript provides a summary of research and a viewpoint on the state of the field. Mostly, these are written by the leaders in a precise topic but after getting the request from the editors of the journal.

➢  Case Study

Case studies are those articles in a manuscript that explain some particular events of interesting phenomena. A case study is mostly used in medical field to report the happening of emerging pathologies.

Tips for Writing a Manuscript

Lots of people daily write a sentence at search engines that “I need help writing a manuscript” if you are also one of those, then these tips for writing manuscript will definitely help you in writing a great manuscript;

  • Before start writing a manuscript, read extensive books and research articles that are relevant to the topic of your manuscript. It will clear your concepts about the opinion of different people about your research topic and will save you from objections and claims from other publishers.
  • After start writing the manuscript, don’t leave the practice for one or two days. It will lose your concentration and will affect the flow of your manuscript that will ultimately cause wastage of precious time.
  • Fix the deadline for completion of the manuscript much before the deadline of the publisher and bound yourself to meet your own deadline. It will give you time to review the draft of your manuscript.
  • Don’t behave like lazy writers and visit the places frequently that you are feeling to visit while writing the manuscript.
  • You are the best critics of your manuscript, so be honest about your writing and correct it before sending to the publisher.

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