Writing a Letter of Introduction for Different Purposes

What Is an Introduction Letter?

As depicted by name, an introduction letter is written to introduce a candidate for the post applied for in front of the selection committee. This is the piece of paper that proves the candidate’s eligibility for a particular post on the basis of qualification, work experience, professional skills and reason to choose the particular field as well as the specific company. Today, lots of online ghostwriting services are writing a letter of introduction at the request of their clients and helping them in winning the desired job.

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What Is the Difference between a Cover Letter and a Letter of Introduction?

Majority of job applicants stay confused about the difference between a cover letter and a letter of introduction for a job. Let’s have a look on the key differences between these two similar looking letters;

  • A cover letter must be accompanied with a resume as an attachment and plays a role of an introduction of resume. On the other hand, the letter of introduction can be presented on its own without accompanying the resume. The introduction letter can alone play the role of both introducing the candidate for employment and briefing its particulars to give an idea about the competency of a candidate for the desired post.
  • The objective of a cover letter is convincing the reader to read the resume, while the aim of introduction letter is convincing the readers about selection or shortlisting of a candidate for the particular vacancy on the basis of eligibility and credentials of the candidate. So, a letter of introduction for resume is not a valid term.
  • There is no division of paragraphs into introduction, body, and conclusion to write a cover letter and all the parts are briefly described in 2-3 lines with the overall content of cover letter not more than half length of the page. However, there is a clear division of each paragraph in the letter of introduction format and overall length of this letter can be reached up to full length of the page.
  • There is no need to write work history in a cover letter in contrast to introduction letter which must contain the brief work history of the candidate.
  • A cover letter is a riddle, while the letter of introduction is a comprehensive document.

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Types of Introduction Letters for a Job

After reading any sample of introduction letter, it can be realized there are only two basic types of introduction letters for a job. It doesn’t matter that you are going to write an introduction letter for teaching position or a military letter of introduction; you have to stay bound in the limitations of these two basic types of introduction letters. Let’s get an idea about the types of introduction letters;

  • The first type of introduction letter is writing for such a reader, who knows you already. The tone and description of this kind of introduction letter could be a little bit frankly or relaxing. No doubt, there is no compromise on the objective of writing an introduction letter. However, to write this kind of introduction letter, you can more shorten those particulars that the reader already knows about you.
  • The second type of introduction letter is writing for those readers, who don’t know you before. To write this kind of introduction letter, you have to describe your particulars in brief but comprehensive manner and try to convince the reader on the basis of some particular specialty which is most relevant to the position applied for.

How to Write an Introduction Letter in Different Situations

Any person, who needs to write an introduction letter, face a different situation and it is obvious that the introduction letter should be written according to the situation. Some people want to know how to write a letter of introduction for a teaching job and some looking for help to write a letter of introduction for business. In the following lines, we will see how to write an introduction letter in different situations;

➢  To make a great first impression on the reader

  • Address your letter to a specific person
  • Describe the subject to indicate the purpose of writing a letter
  • Include your contact information, brief history, goals etc.
  • Close by thanking the person and writing your name at the end.

➢  To introduce another individual

  • Write the name of the other person whom you want to introduce
  • Mention your relation with the other person and praise the good nature of a person
  • Give brief details of other person’s particulars
  • Indicate the purpose of writing a letter and give your full recommendations
  • Close the letter with a thanking note expressing the hope to meet expectations.

➢  To introduce product, service, business or company

  • Start with writing the name of your product, service, company or business.
  • Introduce salient but most relevant features
  • Mention the objective of writing the introduction letter
  • Enlist the features and benefits of product/service.
  • Invite the reader to buy the product or enjoy the services of a company by offering some amazing discounts and other benefits.

Common Mistakes People Make While Writing the Introduction Letter

Writing the final comprehensive exam is entirely different art than writing an introduction letter. While writing the employment letter of introduction, people usually commit the following mistakes:

  • Forget to mention the targeted position for which they are writing the introduction letter.
  • Write the introduction letter exactly in the same style as a cover letter
  • Don’t care about the division of introduction letter into three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Don’t put attention towards proving themselves, a right candidate for the vacancy
  • Don’t take care of the type of letter and use the same frankly tone even for the unknown readers.

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