Help with Recommendation Letter for Admission

One of the requirements for your application to college, university, and other training is often a recommendation letter for admission. This may need to be written by a professor that you have worked with, an advisor, or even a committee. They are an important part of your application and can have a significant impact on your chances of success. Many will want to use a recommendation letter writing service to ensure that those letters are effective.

There are many pitfalls to writing a LoR for PhD admission or any other program. Even what is not said within the letter can have a dramatic effect on your possibility of being selected. Great care must always be taken when writing a letter to avoid anything that may be perceived as negative.

help with recommendation letter for admission

Why Is Writing a College LoR So Important?

Whether for college application or applying for a fellowship place a great deal of weight will be placed on the content of any letter of recommendation. After all, what others say about the applicant may be far more relevant and important than what they themselves have to say. Having someone in authority that knows you well saying that they feel you are a perfect applicant can often swing the decision in your favor.

Who Should You Ask to Write Your Recommendation Letter for Admission?

Often it will be dictated as to who you must ask for a recommendation letter. This is often an advisor or a professor that has taught you. However, you may also have some flexibility to ask others for recommendations such as someone that is running a charity that you volunteer for or a dentist that you have shadowed.

Whoever you ask however should have knowledge of who you are and be able to pass judgment on your abilities. There is no point asking someone whom you only know in passing for a recommendation as they would be unable to give it. They should be someone that you have known for a length of time and who has a close relationship with you.

The higher the standing of the person providing the recommendation the more weight it will hold in the eyes of the reader. A letter from a professor will be more effective than one from a teaching assistant.

sample letter of recommendation for college admission

What Should Be Covered Within a Letter of Recommendation?

While a recommendation letter for MBA admission may be different from one in medicine there are still some basic factors that should always be covered. As a recommender you should seek to answer all of the following within your letter honestly:

  • How do you know the applicant: you should state how long you have known them and in what capacity.
  • Describe their interpersonal skills with both their peers and teachers.
  • Do they have a willingness to do more than what is asked of them within the classroom?
  • Is there anything that truly stands out about the individual?
  • What are the applicant’s motivations?
  • What will you always remember about them?
  • Has the applicant experienced any form of failure and how did they learn from it?
  • Are there any unusual circumstances that the committee should be aware of?

How Should You Write a Good College Admission Letter of Recommendation?

Writing a letter of recommendation for college admission does not have to be difficult if you get the right information to hand and truly know the student that you will recommend. If you really do not know them or have anything positive to say about them, it may always best to decline to provide them with a letter.

Start by looking at a sample letter of recommendation for college admission so that you get a feel for what is expected of you. Then follow the following advice for writing the college application LoR:

  • Know what the program requires: often they will have a specific format that you may need to follow or a set of questions that they require you to answer.
  • Gather information: often it is best to ask the student themselves to provide you with a brief summary. This could include how long you have known them, what their interests are, what their outstanding achievements have been in class and so on.
  • Start by introducing yourself and establish your credibility as a recommender: Follow this with how you know the student in question, and for how long.
  • Give clear examples of what the student has achieved: Do not make unsupported statements, always provide something to support what you have to say.
  • Be positive: maintain a positive vibe throughout your writing and avoid writing anything that may be seen as negative in any way.
  • Avoid all clichés: saying that they are a hard worker and an excellent team player is unlikely to really help them. Clichés and unspecific information may make it appear that you really know nothing about them.

How Should You Format Your Letter of Recommendation?

In most cases, you will be provided with very specific guidance as to how the letter should be formatted. Often you will have to send your letter electronically through a specific gateway using their system. Otherwise, you should use a formal letter format for your letter of recommendation.

How Should You Letter Be Submitted?

In many cases today you will be emailed a request for a letter of recommendation through the particular system that the student is using for their application. You will either then return the email or directly upload the written letter into their system. While it is rare for institutions today to request a hard copy of your letter it can still happen. Whatever their specific expectations and requirements are they should be followed to the letter if your recommendation is to be accepted.

What Specialties May Require a LoR?

We are able to provide you with a letter of recommendation ghostwriter that will have experience in all subject areas. We have a large team of experts to call on allowing us to support you at all stages within your education. Our services can help you with writing a personal statement for medical residency through to LoRs for college, scholarship programs, and fellowships.

The following are just a few of the areas that our LoR writer can provide support within:

  • Medicine
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  • Dentistry
  • Business
  • Computing
  • Psychology

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How Can Our Letter of Recommendation Writer Help You?

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Our experts work directly with you. This enables them to draw out the information that is required to personalize the letter to ensure that it will show off the student in the best possible light. They know what the committee will be looking for and how to avoid the many pitfalls that some will drop into.

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