Our Manual Writing Services

You probably have a product that you want to promote or are thinking of selling but just like with any other useful products out there, you will need to create a manual for your customers so they will know how to use it. Although it sounds easy to build a manual on your own, sometimes letting manual writing services work on it for you is much better if you want to produce a useful manual that your customers won’t have any trouble understanding. The good news is that you don’t have to look far for one because we are confident that we can handle your manual writing needs.

Expert Manual Writing Services

Writing manuals is what our team of expert writers is good at. It doesn’t matter what type of manual you would like us to work on because we are confident that we’ll be able to pair you with one of our professionals. What sets us apart from other writing companies is the fact that we only work with writers who have degrees to ensure that our craft is of the highest quality. If you don’t know how to create a manual,  We carefully construct all manuals that come our way to ensure that there are no plagiarized content. We proofread and revise our work accordingly to improve your manual after you review the first draft before sending the completed manual. And if you are not happy with the work even after we revise and edit, you don’t have to worry about your payment because we’ll be sending it back to you. Your satisfaction matters to us which is why we will work tirelessly to get you the best results within the given deadline.

Types of Manuals We Provide

  • User Manual. Providing a user manual to end-users is very important because in this way they can understand how to use a particular product.
  • Procedure Manual. With well-written procedure manual, you can explain to your employees how to cooperate and how to do their work effectively.
  • Operations Manual. In operations manual, you should provide an information about standard procedures and how to perform them.
  • Training Manual. This type of manual can help your trainees to keep all the information about the training course in one document. Training manual useful for human resources managers, educators, and employers.
  • Software Manual. Each software should have a software manual to explain to users how to work with it. If you do not have it, you risk leaving your software misunderstood and reduce demand on it.
  • Service Manual. A service manual is used to manufacture and helps employees to fix any technical issues.
  • Instruction Manual. This type of manual also often use to explain to users how to deal with any tasks/issues or products. Instruction manual usually consists of images and graphic explanations.

Customized Service Writing Manual

One of the dangers of writing a manual is having copied content. This is one of the reasons why we have a plagiarism checker to ensure that your manual will be completely original before we send it back to you. Our goal is to produce unique manuals for our customers, which is why we will do our best to get as many details as possible when building your company manual. Even when you compare our services to others you will find that you are getting the best deals from us because not only will you be working with professional manual writers but you’ll also get big savings from us. This is one of the reasons why many turn to us when it comes to building manuals because they know that they’ll get the best value for their money no matter how fast they need their order.

Work with the Pros

When it comes to manual writing services, choose a company that you can rely on to deliver high-quality manuals no matter what type of manual you need. It doesn’t matter whether you want a user manual or hardware or software manual, as long as you place your order with us, you can expect that your order will be done properly so that you’ll get your unique manual in no time.

Ideally, a technical manual is supposed to be done by a team that is composed of a graphic designer, technical communicator, editor, and others while the whole project is overseen by a project manager. Each one has a task that needs to be accomplished but if you are assigned to do the whole thing, you might want to consider getting the help of a professional writing team. Luckily, our technical manual writing services can be relied upon and because we have been in this business for years we are confident that we’ll be able to help you produce a technical manual that is up to your liking.

Types of Services We Provide

  • Manual writing. Creating a completely new manual, discussions about the users and the main goal of the manual, approving our drafts and make a deadline.
  • Editing. Checking your existing manual and improving it.
  • Design. We can make your existing manual more nice looking and memorable for users.
  • Editing and design. Improving your existing manual or draft to the best version of it.
  • Writing and design. Creating a new manual according to your requirements and make a design for it.

Expert Tips from Our Technical Manual Writing Services

For those who need to do technical manual writing, here are a few pointers that you should keep in mind:

  • Gather information. You will need to do your research or interview the right people who are knowledgeable about the subject of the manual as well as the users to understand what readers expect in a technical manual.
  • Organize data. After gathering pertinent information, organize them and create an outline for your manual.
  • Create graphics or draw. A technical manual needs to have graphic representations for the reader to understand the content better. If you are skilled in using graphics software or if you can draw well, this won’t be a problem. On the other hand, get someone else to create specific graphics for your technical manual.
  • Use common language. Simplifying the terms used in your technical manual can be helpful to your readers. Make sure that you write the meaning of acronyms so your readers will know.
  • Always edit. Before you send your manual to the printing press, make sure that you go over your work several times to ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

Need to Hire Technical Writing Services?

It is not really surprising that you would look for a company to help you with writing your technical manual. After all, it pays to have a professional do this for you because they are well versed on how to produce high-quality manuals that are customized according to your needs. The good news is that there is no shortage of writing companies online but their quality often varies. It is important that you choose a writing company that specializes in user manual writing like us so that you’ll have the guarantee that your manual will be done correctly. Keep in mind that technical manuals should be written in an accurate and straightforward manner so it is best that you choose a professional writer to work on your order.

Hire our manual writing services today and get big savings from us!