How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge?

Ghostwriter needed? Do you want to know how much do ghostwriters charge? If you need a content done, including a speech, a presentation, an article or even a novel, you may need help from a ghostwriter if you don’t know how to write the piece yourself. There are several factors that affect the rate charged by a ghostwriter. Also, there is a process to know about ghostwriting. Check out below for information.

how much do ghostwriters charge

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What Do You Need to Know About Hiring a Ghostwriter?

  • Length of the piece
  • Topic
  • Quality needed
  • Timeframe or deadline (Is this a rush order?)

How Ghostwriting Works

The following is only a general idea, as every project requires a different approach and of course clients:

  • A meeting with the client through a conference or phone: the client and ghostwriter meet to find out if they have chemistry and for the ghostwriter to ask questions for the overview of the project.
  • After the meeting is the proposal: the ghostwriter will then send a proposal to the client, and it is specific to the book or project, not a template. This is what you can expect from high-quality writers. The project starts when it is approved!
  • For a book project, the writer will have to interview the client for the book outline or the flow of the content of the book. From those interviews, the writer will then send the outline to the client, who will have to approve or apply revisions according to his desired outcome.
  • The book draft follows. For a book, it sometimes takes up to a year to complete.
  • There follows the revision based on client instructions.
  • After the revision or revisions, what follows is the editing and then the publishing.

There you have what to know about ghostwriting and how much does a ghostwriter charge. You can get rid of any doubts in mind by hiring an experienced writer from our website, where to find your perfect ghostwriter for an affordable price. So don’t think twice.

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