How a Ghostwriter for Memoir Can Help You in Writing Your Story?

Till late 20th century, the memoir was considered a subclass of autobiography but this idea was changed with the time being and now memoir is categorized as an individual genre. Nowadays, if you want to hire a writer to write my memoir, you must be very clear about the differentiation between ghost writers for books and ghostwriter for a memoir. Basically, an autobiography represents the story of a life in contrast to a memoir that signifies the story/stories from a life. A memoir book could comprise on only one story of life or several stories from the life that depends upon importance and length of events which an author experienced in the past life. Well, the trend of hiring personal memoir ghost writer has become common all over the world and today many famous personalities are hiring the ghostwriters to write their memories in the professional and interesting manner by creating a climax in their stories.

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Popular Categories of Memoir

In professional ghostwriting, there are two broader categories, one is ghostwriting an autobiography and other is memoir autobiography ghostwriting. There are further subcategories in each class and if we talk about memoir autobiography, we found the following popular categories of memoir;

  • Childhood memoir here a memoir writer
  • Adolescent memoir
  • Career building memories
  • Disease memories
  • Life experience memoir
  • Relationship memoir
  • Cultural memoir
  • Ethnic memoir
  • Food memoir
  • Travel memoir
  • Survival memoir
  • Addiction and compulsion memoir
  • Spirituality memoir
  • Emotion memoir etc…

Typical Process for Ghostwriting a Memoir

If you are interested to hire a memoir writer, you should be very clear about the typical process for ghostwriting a memoir. After knowing the process, the next stage comes in which you can ask that I need a ghostwriter for my memoir. Let’s see the typical process of ghostwriting a memoir:

Conducting Interview

The first stage of ghostwriting a memoir is conducting a one-to-one meeting between actual author and ghostwriter in which a ghostwriter knows about the author, gets familiar with its background, listen to its stories and knows about requirements of the author about the desired memoir. Moreover, this is the stage in which price is negotiated between ghostwriter and author on the basis of length of memoir book, a time limit for completion of memoir book and research required to complete the book.

Supporting Materials

To make the memoir truthful in terms of revealing evidence about concerned life story in the form of photos or some relevant document, it is necessary to provide supporting materials to a ghostwriter.

Filling the Gaps

The author should help the ghostwriter in filling the gaps between different stages of a life event. It is not a wise step to see towards ghostwriter for filling up the gaps between life events.

Review the Chapters

After providing all information to a ghostwriter, it is recommended to review every individual chapter separately instead of asking the ghostwriter to write the entire book and then send to you for reviewing.

Modify The Content as Per Your Vision

After reviewing the chapters, don’t let it publish as it is written. Always become a co-author by modifying the content as per your own vision. In this way, it will become easy for you to inaugurate the book and answer every question about your memoir book.

Pricing and Reasonable Time Frame for Memoir Autobiography Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting rates and time frame for completion of the book depends upon lots of factors. For instance, if you are going to hire a famous and top memoir ghostwriter that has popularity in creating the best memoir, obviously you have to pay a huge amount that might be beyond your expectations. Similarly, the rate of memoir writer for hire in the UK will be different than memoir writer in the US. Let’s see some statistics about the price and time frame for ghostwriting:

The New York Times stated in 2001 that the ghostwriter for Hillary Clinton’s memoirs will get a $500,000 fee for work together with her.
Similarly, in Canada, the minimum fee schedule that has been established by Writers’ Union for ghostwriting a 200 – 300-page book will starts from $40,000.
The Editorial Freelancers Association also recommends rates from 26 – 50 cents per word that become around $15,000 – $30,000 for a book comprises 250 pages.

Similarly, the reasonable timeframe for ghostwriting a memoir book comprises 250-300 pages should not be more than one month. However, there must be some flexibility in deadline due to scheduled and unscheduled holidays and some other type of emergencies.

Reasons to Find a Professional Ghostwriter for Memoir

Following are some reasons to find a professional ghostwriting help for ghostwriting a memoir:

  • You have ca lear idea of writing your life story but don’t know the art of drafting it professionally.
  • You have tried your best to write your stories but failed.
  • You have tried to prepare an initial draft, but it is full of mistakes.
  • You have already written the complete draft of memoir and now need only structural work.
  • You have athe bility to write your memoir but don’t have enough time.

What You Should Pay Attention to Choose a Ghostwriter

When you hire a ghostwriter to write my bio, you must pay attention towards following things before choosing a ghostwriter:

  • You have to decide first that either you need personal memoir ghostwriter or you want some help in political memoir ghost writing, because there are lots of categories of ghostwriters and you have to choose according to your own need.
  • You should be very clear about othe bjective of hiring a ghostwriter that either you need him for writing the complete memoir or need help only in editing, formatting and proofreading.
  • You should check the experience and success rate of ghostwriter before choosing him.
  • You should read the review of clients about concerned ghostwriter that are available at the site of online service through which the concerned ghostwriter presents his services.
  • The online service, through which you are going to hire a ghostwriter, must have ga ood reputation in satisfying the clients about writing the best memoirs.

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