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LinkedIn is truly categorized as a reliable business and employment oriented forum that operates via a mobile app and website. The popularity of LinkedIn has been increased so much that people try to hire the best ghostwriting services and LinkedIn makeover service. Why people feel the need for a professional LinkedIn profile writer, let’s find the answer. No doubt, the fame of LinkedIn is not less than social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, but the reason behind the fame of LinkedIn popularity is something different. LinkedIn is a professional networking website that acts as a selling forum where people sell their skills, experience, and education to recruiters and business companies all over the globe.

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Through LinkedIn, people expand their professional connection by sharing their education, past experiences and current job status. LinkedIn is considered the most reliable forum not only for the job seeking persons but for the potential employers as well. In this way, companies find a suitable and highly professional candidate for them without wasting time and money on advertisement and reviewing the bulk of applications to shortlist the candidates for interview.

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The Essentials of a Good LinkedIn Profile

Professional LinkedIn profile writing is not the same as writing a manuscript. The essentials of a good LinkedIn profile are much different than a manuscript. Let’s have a look on the essentials of a good LinkedIn profile:

➢  Professional Profile Picture

You cannot claim a LinkedIn well unless you will upload your professional and appealing profile picture on your LinkedIn profile. Casual photos immediately put a negative and unprofessional image of a candidate upon the viewers.

➢  Customized LinkedIn URL

For all those people, who leave their LinkedIn URL or web address of their LinkedIn profile unattended, LinkedIn creates an ordinary URL by including some irrelevant and meaningless words. When you write this link of your LinkedIn profile on your resume, it clearly demonstrates your careless approach towards your career.

➢  Summary

A summary is undoubtedly the most important part of your LinkedIn profile because every employer first read the summary of the candidate. If they find something relevant and appealing, they read the details of a profile, otherwise, they leave it. So, be very careful while writing the LinkedIn profile summary.

➢  Striking Headline

Some people don’t pay attention towards creating a unique and striking headline of their LinkedIn profile. In that case, LinkedIn picks some words from your current employment position and last education and put at your LinkedIn headline. Remember! Your profile photo and headline are the first things that come in front of the employer while searching for some candidate. So make your headline customized by including some striking and comprehensive words to reveal your skills in a few words.

➢  Fill Out Maximum Profile

Most of the people don’t care about the completion of the profile at LinkedIn, but they don’t know there is some percentage for completion of each part. Without completion of different parts of the LinkedIn profile, an incomplete status appears at your profile that is obviously not a good sign.

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How to Create an Impressive Profile

Profile optimization is a term that is used to create an impressive LinkedIn profile. Let’s have a look, how to create an impressive profile?

  • Background banner: Only a few people put attention background banner of the LinkedIn profile, but if you really want to create an impressive profile, you have to fill out the background banner of your LinkedIn profile very wisely. The best way is uploading a photo of some award or achievement that is in your hand.
  • Use of keywords: To make your profile an impressive one, use the keywords relevant to your skills and profession in your headline, URL and summary. In this way, employers can easily find you according to the required position that is relevant to your skills.
  • Detailed contact information: Remember! Without having a premium account at LinkedIn you cannot invite those people who not come in your 1st and 2nd-degree connections. So, always keep your contact information updated with detailed information of email and contact numbers. In this way, you can invite a wide range of circle to contact you.
  • Target job descriptions: You should use the target job description in your profile summary and a few words in your headline. In this way, you will be easily contacted by the employers of your desired field.
  • Creative summary: Put all your efforts to make your summary very precise, logical and impressive. Besides writing the brief details of your academic and professional achievements in your summary, try to use attractive fonts and colorful writing styles.

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How to Make Your Profile More Successful

If you are looking for some help with my LinkedIn profile to make it more successful, just follow the below-mentioned tips for making a great LinkedIn profile;

  • Detailed profile: Don’t leave any part of LinkedIn profile incomplete. It will give an unprofessional and non-serious look to your LinkedIn profile. The best way to complete a LinkedIn profile is imparting the resume in it.
  • Add relevant documents or images: To make a strong profile, it is better to add relevant images and documents along with your work experiences. This will add a professional look to your profile.
  • A critical review of your profile: before submitting the profile, take a critical look and proofread your profile. There should be nothing irrelevant and boring with unnecessary details.
  • Speak the truth about everything: don’t write any such word that you cannot justify in case of being shortlisted and appearing in the interview. Exaggeration or lying about anything is absolutely not acceptable at any forum.
  • Customized URL: don’t forget to make the URL of your LinkedIn profile, a customized one.
  • Addition of relevant keywords: use maximum possible keywords in your profile summary and headline that suits your expertise and related to your qualification and experience. These are the keywords that will sort you out among thousands of LinkedIn users while some company will search the relevant person according to your skills.

How Important Is a Summary in Your LinkedIn Profile

A summary of LinkedIn profile is the criteria of judgment for any candidate whose LinkedIn profile is under discussion for some relevant vacancy, so it must be exceptional and striking for any reader. Remember! No one has time to read the details of your LinkedIn profile just after matching some keywords in your headline. When any person finds you a relevant candidate after matching the searching keyword, he just reviews your summary and conclude either you are eligible for the concerned vacancy or not. If you are found eligible on the basis of your summary, the reader starts reading your LinkedIn profile in detail.

Tips on How to Write a Catchy Summary

The people, who need help writing LinkedIn profile, must learn the tips to write a catchy summary because this is the base of custom LinkedIn profile development. Let’s know how to write a catchy LinkedIn summary;

  • Take an idea by reviewing some catchy summaries, but avoid copy/paste.
  • Don’t try to lengthen the summary, keep it short.
  • Make your summary fully customized.
  • Keep focus on the target position and amend your summary accordingly.
  • Briefly mention your highest qualification as well as the duration of the experience.
  • Use some attractive but clearly visible font style to make the summary beautiful.
  • Invite your best friends to read your summary critically and point out the weak areas.
  • Proofread the summary at your own.

How Our LinkedIn Profile Makeover Services Can Help

There are several LinkedIn profile development services available on the internet and if you will ask help in developing my LinkedIn profile, they will provide you with professional writers. To hire LinkedIn profile writer and creating a strong LinkedIn profile, you can contact us. We not only offer LinkedIn profile summary help but provide services in writing, editing and proofreading the complete LinkedIn profile in highly affordable rates and committed time. Our professional writers directly communicate with you to make your profile fully customized. We also take care of the privacy of our clients.

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