Help Writing a Green Card Reference Letter

Why Is the Letter of Reference for Green Card Application So Important?

Applying for any US visa is going to be difficult. Immigration officials will be reviewing all aspects of your application to ensure that you meet their very strict requirements. One of the most important requirements is that for letters of recommendation. Your green card reference letter must clearly show your suitability for a visa. This is why so many will turn to a letter of recommendation writing service for help.

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By using a professional service to help with your visa application you will ensure that you get a real edge with your application. Experts with years of experience truly know what needs to go within your letter and how they should be written to be effective. Using our service to write your recommendation letter for green card application will give you a boost in getting what you want.

What Conditions Must You Meet Before Writing Your Green Card Reference Letter?

The conditions that you must satisfy to allow you to make your application for a visa will depend very much on your personal situation. An EB1 visa for instance is for priority workers that are able to demonstrate extraordinary ability in their specific fields. While an O1 visa is very similar it is normally only a temporary visa that is issued for up to 3 years.

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The letter to immigration officer in both instances however requires you to demonstrate very clearly that you meet their requirements. If you are unable to demonstrate that you are exceptional and qualified in your field then you are unlikely to gain the visa approval that you are seeking.

What Should You Include in Your EB1 and O1 Recommendation Letters?

Both forms of letters require you to show how experienced and outstanding the applicants are. Firstly however the author of the letter must first provide information about themselves to show how they are themselves qualified to pass judgement on the applicant. The more important the recommender the more weight will be allocated to the letter. So for instance a letter from a government based official will be given more credibility than one from a colleague that you work with.

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The main body of the letter must show clearly how the applicant is qualified in their field. It is not enough however to simply have the right degree. You must show how they have contributed to their field in an exceptional way. Looking at our reference letter for immigration sample will provide you with a clear idea for how you should write your own letters.

Steps for Writing EB1 Visa Recommendation Letter

Whether writing your O1 visa letter of recommendation or EB1 letters you must always ensure that you choose your recommenders with care. The higher the standing of the recommender the more impact they are going to have on the application. You are expected to provide as many as 5 to 10 letters of recommendation. The quality of the recommender however will have a far greater impact than the sheer quantity of letters that you provide.

Always start the writing process by taking a look at our O1 or EB1 recommendation letter sample. Our professionally written EB! And O1 visa recommendation letter sample will show you quickly how your letter should be structured and the tone that should be adopted within your writing.

In general the letter should be written as follows:

  • Opening salutations: any commonly used opening may be used such as “To whom it may concern.”
  • First paragraph: make it clear right from the start as to the purpose of the letter. State that it is a reference letter, who it is for, and what visa they are applying for.
  • Show who you are: the next paragraph is your opportunity to introduce yourself. You need to say who you are and what your standing is within your profession or field. This section should contain sufficient information to demonstrate to the reader how you are qualified to pass judgement on the applicant.
  • State your relationship to the applicant: you will need to let the reader know how long you have known the applicant and in what way such as a supervisor or employer. If you have never met the person then this should be clearly stated.
  • Show how the applicant meets the requirements of the visa: remember this should be an extraordinary ability letter. You must clearly show what the applicant has achieved in their field that makes them stand out. This could be high level results from their business performance through to published works in their field. Always review the specific criteria for the visa and ensure that you cover it precisely.
  • Make a very clear recommendation: your letter to immigration officer for green card application needs to make it clear that you feel they should be granted their visa.

How Can Our Services Help You with a Recommendation Letter for EB1 Application and O1 Visa?

From providing you with a green card recommendation letter sample and writing advice through to editing and proofreading your final letter we have everything you need to boost your application. We offer you:

  • Recommendation letter writing: our writers have many years of experience and fully understand what works within your letters to make them effective.
  • Editing of visa application letters: how your letter is written can be just as important as the actual content. Our specialists know phrases that should be avoided and how to make a positive impact through your writing.
  • Proofreading: mistakes in the writing can hurt the credibility of the person recommending and lessen the authority of what they have to say. Our proofreaders will ensure that your letters are error free.

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Why Work with Our Letter of Recommendation Writing Service

Whether you are looking for business book ghostwriting services or help with your sample recommendation letter for green card EB1 applications we have the qualified staff to help you. We provide exceptional writing support through experts that fully understand what you need to make a success of your application.

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How Can Your Order Our Services for Writing Your Green Card Recommendation Letter?

We provide our clients with a very easy to use service so that there is nothing to add to the stress of your application. To work with us:

  • Complete the order form on our website: simply provide the requested information that will take you only a minute or two of your time.
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