How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge?


In the digital marketing spectrum, the importance of online content cannot be downplayed. With multiple websites springing forth every second, and the reliance of the internet in a myriad of business activities, having great online content is a necessity today.

That being said, not each and every one of us is blessed with expert penmanship, hence the need to hire best ghost writers. As a matter of fact, ghostwriters have become so important today that the demand for them has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. So have you ever wondered how much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

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Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the reasons why it’s beneficial for you to access the services of a ghostwriter for your business, personal, or recreational content.

  • Professionalism – With an expert ghostwriter, you can rest assured that any content delivered will be professional. As a matter of fact, ghostwriters know a lot about the different types of writing styles out there that people incorporate in their content, doing the same for you as well.
  • Fast turnaround time – Due to the fact that ghostwriters undertake writing as their profession, they are able to produce excellent content in a short period of time. Hence, if you happen to be running late on a given deadline, then a ghostwriter can have content duly delivered to your desk.
  • Understands your audience language – Ghostwriters have the innate ability to connect with any audience and speak directly to them through their copy. Hence, they are able to utilize expert SEO strategies to convince your audience to make a subscription, purchase, or follow-through with your website.

how much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter

How Does One Determine How Much to Pay for Ghostwriting Services?

There’s a lot you need to consider when it comes to accessing the services of a ghostwriter. Before asking yourself how much does a ghostwriter cost, here are some other vital features to consider prior to getting in touch with one

  • The number of words and pages – Word count/ page count is extremely when it comes to determining the amount of money that you will have to part with for your content. As a rule of thumb, most professional ghostwriters charge per word or per page.
  • The complexity of the content – The amount of money you will be charged is dependent on the nature of the content you require. For example, if you need content that is more on the technical side, it’s a given that you will have to pay more as compared to blog writing.
  • Deadline – For content that requires to be urgently posted or submitted, then you will have to pay higher ghostwriting rates because of the hastiness in the delivery of the project.

How much does it cost to hire our ghostwriters?

Academic Ghostwriting Rates*
Essay Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Case Study Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Research Proposal Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Annotated Bibliography Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Capstone Project Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Research Paper Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Literature Review Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Lab Report Ghostwriting $16.79 per page
Term Paper Ghostwriting $14.17 per page
Admission Ghostwriting Prices*
Letter of Intent Ghostwriting $39.19 per 275 words
Letter of Recommendation Ghostwriting $39.19 per 275 words
Personal Statement Ghostwriting $39.19 per 275 words
Resume Ghostwriting $63.46 per CV
General Content Ghostwriting Pricing*
Article Ghostwriting $13.99 per page
Book Ghostwriting $15.39 per page
Manuscript Ghostwriting $15.39 per page

*Master level, 10+ days, discount applied

How Much Does It cost to Hire Thesis/Dissertation Ghostwriter?

Bachelor thesis/dissertation ghostwriting from $14.17 per page
Master thesis/dissertation ghostwriting from $15.87 per page
Doctorate thesis/dissertation ghostwriting from $17.00 per page

How Much Do Ghostwriters Charge: Ghostwriting Prices

How much is a ghostwriter? Perhaps you’ve been asking yourself this question over and over because you badly need the services of one to handle your content. Thankfully, we have dissected what is average pay for ghostwriting a book, an essay, and other writings needed.

  • Book ghostwriting – Depending on what pay for ghostwriting book that is offered, Writers Market puts it at roughly $70 an hour to ghostwrite a book. Additionally, project lows can be somewhere between $5000, with high’s being up to $36,000 per book.
  • Essay ghostwriting – As for essay ghostwriting, most academic websites charge about $15 per page. However, if you are accessing the service of a professional expert ghostwriter, prices can on the high-end of $30 to $50 per page.
  • Capstone project ghostwriting – As capstone projects lie in the academic spectrum, the price might vary depending on the complexity of the capstone project that you have selected. That being said, the average price for a capstone project is normally about $1000+ due to the intensive research required.
  • Research paper ghostwriting – Just like capstone projects, research papers require a lot of time and dedication to be completed. Hence, you can expect the ghost writer prices to be somewhere between the $800 to $1000 range depending on the length of the content.
  • Literature review ghostwriting – Since literature reviews are relatively shorter than most Academic projects, the average literature review of 1000 words can go for about $50 to $100 depending on its complexity.
  • Letter of recommendation ghostwriting – Due to their relatively short length, recommendation letters can go anywhere from $30 to $100 depending on the ghostwriter you’re contracted with.
  • Personal Statement ghostwriting – Personal statements are extremely important especially when you’re applying for residency. Hence, they tend to be on the higher spectrum in terms of payment. The average personal statement of 700-1000 words can go from anywhere from $50 to $150.
  • Resume ghostwriting – Though most resumes should ideally be short and brief, it is their importance that makes them quite expensive. In fact, the average expert ghostwriter in resume writing can charge anywhere from $100 to $300 for a high-quality resume.
  • Article ghostwriting – Perhaps the most flexible on this list, article ghostwriting is dependent on quite a number of features. The price can go anywhere from $0.01 per word to $1 per word depending on the professionalism of the ghostwriter.
  • Manuscript ghostwriting – Last but not least, manuscripts are extremely vital parchments of information. Hence, be prepared to pay a ghostwriter anywhere from $70 an hour to $150 an hour depending on the services they offer.

how much do ghostwriters charge

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