Comprehensive Exam Meaning: Road to a Successful PhD Defense

The comprehensive exam is a common evaluation, which is done at the end of coursework. It is not the final checkup, rather just a test to show students have completed their coursework and now they are ready to start the next research work. It is compulsory for the Bachelor’s students to pass it. This is what is the comprehensive exam meaning.

Some Different Types of Checkup You Need to Consider

The form of PhD comprehensive examination varies from country to country and university to university. In some countries its oral respond and quiz session, while in other students have to submit an academic paper, still others prefer to take written paper in respond format.

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We Have Collected Useful Tips for Students

Here are a few tips to keep in mind, which would help you in better preparation for comprehensive examination:

  • Taking notes is a good idea to prepare for any kind of comprehensive exam. If you have limited time, you may write important points or keywords only. It saves time and you’d be able to recall the whole thing with a single point.
  • You may take assistance from the seniors. They could guide you about the Comps and you’d check the up to date paper pattern too.
  • Think critically. Imagine, as if you are a committee member. It helps you to guess what kind of questions he may ask, and what should be the probable respond.
  • Practice by writing them. It would clear your mind and you’d be able to comprehend things.
  • Reading literature, research articles and journals which would enhance your knowledge and you would be able to say the unexpected questions too.

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Sample of Suggested Questions and Answers on the Review

The queries of the comprehensive examination PhD are usually very simple, but they require long replies. So, if the commission asks very basic quizzes but the replies are not really simple.  You could find many online and on different other forums too. But the important thing is to understand the query in the correct perspective and write the respond properly. For instance, a common question is “why boundaries exist between countries?” it is a simple example. But you should be able to reply if you have read about human history and human civilization.

Techniques You’d Use to Effectively Prepare for the Comprehensive Final Exam

Undergraduates are always asking about how to study for a comprehensive final exam. Here are a few techniques which would assist you exactly.

  • Writing is not just a skill but it’s a tool to complete the needed degree. Whatever you read, try to write it in own words. It’ll help you to make connections between different ideas. Make sure you draft 2-3 pages every day.
  • You may find practice quizzes online and on other forums. Practice them. It’ll give you an idea about the nature of the comprehensive exam.
  • Set goals for yourself every day. It’s difficult to achieve long-term goals. Set short-term goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Find a group of friends, who are ready to study with you. Combine study is good in this case, as you exchange the ideas and help each other.

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