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Invest smarter in ICOs.


Over the years, since mankind invented the barter system, the concept around money and currencies continued evolving, from a basic exchange of goods or services to the same, we have now come a long, long way. We had coins of various denominations that appear extinct or minuscule now, coins evolving into currency notes, notes becoming extinct and now, we have evolved enough to adapt to the concept of digital cash. We now have tons of companies offering digital wallets and payment gateways, where all we need to do is recharge our wallets and simply pay digitally.

The ICO can be defined as the Initial coin offering. ICOs can also be described as the initial public coin offering, crowd sales or as a token sale. It is a way of increasing and managing your capital, either from coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Investing in ICOs

Investing in ICOs is not an easy task, and you need being aware that most of the platforms like Token markets usually offers the ICOs new schedules feature. You need to study and understand this new ICOs schedules of most them contains the list of all upcoming crowd sales. Investing in ICOs can be done by registering through the ICOs homepage during the crowd sale period as well as making investment using the Bitcoin or Ethereum during the token sale.

ICO Tokens

Most companies increase their funds and capitals from ICOs, while the ICOs try to run for two weeks or more. All of their investors will engage in using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to buy their new tokens. Their stock IPO and cryptocurrencies ICO have a basic price concerning their new invested tokens as well as the performance. This being the main reason why all the token holders have no access to other known company assets, making it easy for shareholders.

The ICOs market is still unregulated, because it is very risky for the investors concerning the news lately about scamming and other investment offerings. Few of these new startup companies and businesses benefit hugely from ICOs when the fund themselves. ICOs help this new startup in raising money for block chain projects by forming most of the digital currency. At this level the crowd sale can benefit from the raise in the funds as well as the increase on their new tokens depending on their project status. This is why most of the investors purchasing newly issued tokens from the ICOs have high risk but a high increase of return venture. While some of the new ICOs tokens have the outperformed ad the well-known over generated of about Ten thousand percent (10,000%) of the return for their holders.

Although other ICOs tokens might have lost or decrease in value when they were issued and being unable to return to their original price.

There are different popular performing ICOs.

Most of the popular known digital tokens that have emerged from ICOs are:

  • Lisk (LSK)
  • Stratis (STRAT)
  • Qtum (QTUM)
  • Gnosis (GNO)
  • Iconomi (ICN)
  • (largest cryptocurrency) Ethereum’s ether (ETH).

The Stratis offers a blockchain being their service method while targeting all the financial institutions and corporations that are interested in developing and establishing new businesses. The Crowd sale Ethereum offers a decentralized blockchain of services in exchange for a smart contract. Most of these investments do generate an impressive gain, although most of the ICOs tokens have a decrease in value after they started the trading on exchanges.

Some ICOs tokens do not perform well

Few of the well-known ICOs tokens do not perform well like the ICOs of Monaco and Tenx. This startup has the ability of working on any digital currency in order to fund most of their development. The Monaco and Tenx are underperformed tokens that were trading lower than their issued price. Over the years there have been newly introduced ICOs tokens like the Bancor (BNT), Cofound.it (CFI), and Status (SNT).

Investing in ICO?

People that want to invest in ICOs have to research and understand what ICOs is all about. Thereby knowing if they are equal to the task because ICO is a risky investment that can easily lead to bankruptcy when invest in a wrong project. This is why investors know investing in ICOs is very risky, being a business that is unmeant for everybody. Some people do know they are unequal to the task, thereby leaving at the early stage than losing their money as well as some are becoming PRO with the opportunity.

Although all the top ICOs tokens have become the highest rated cryptocurrencies that generates many heavy returns to investors. Bitcoin is the popular leading digital currency in the market.

Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin is online virtual universal electronic money, also known as a cryptocurrency. For payments, Bitcoin uses its own electronic network. Its basic principle is P2P and based on this cryptocurrency is designed to make payments in hand hands online. This money has a unique encryption system to ensure the payment of total security and anonymity.

Through the network, Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin was launched online in 2009. It creates an Internet code for one of these customers and then invents a new cryptographic currency that does not belong to any country newborn money.

All about Bitcoin

With the three major currencies of the world (the US dollar, the Chinese yuan, and the euro), the Bitcoin price is weighted and is known as the Bitcoin index. Most owners of the trending currencies that are most economically successful countries, that can possibly be determined by identifying the real worth of cryptocurrency according to these countries.

Well, how much does Bitcoin cost? Currently (November 04, 2017), around 7371.00, the Bitcoin index varies.

The price of Bitcoin depends on the production costs of its materials. It is impossible to physically manage Bitcoin because it is an online virtual cryptocurrency. To make Bitcoin, you need computers and programs. This is a process similar to the encryption messages of intelligence service enemies. It requires an electronic code that contains cryptocurrency information to send H2H Bitcoins (hand in hand).

If you want to make cryptocurrency profitable, you will need very large capacities. Let’s see how Bitcoin mining works.

Bitcoin production gets complicated every day because it requires more and more resources to make a new Bitcoin each time and this system is built by the creator of cryptocurrency. But it is not always necessary to have a powerful computer to produce profitable Bitcoins. You just need guessing the changes in the price of the Bitcoin index. Buying binary options can be an option of buying or selling options and for a good prediction, you can win.

Easy Way to Trade Bitcoin

This is a great opportunity for traders now IQ Option that offers Bitcoin trades on their platforms for merchants. This is their new digital option addition. Now, one day is the most popular virtual currency and so many people around the world are using virtual currency. This is its high value. Many traders are investing in Bitcoin to gain profitable trades. He sees many online brokers that offer Bitcoin transactions and add virtual currency as one of their trading assets. The number of daily increasing traders offers Bitcoin trades. Currently, Bitcoin has a good time and all traders experience it as a chance to make a nice nap. If you are a serious entrepreneur, you will act as quickly as possible.

Trade Bitcoin with the Option IQ and you just have to click with one click and spend a dollar on your account. In case of Bitcoin virtual currency is not the only asset in IQ Option. They have more options for traders. Keep reading to see more assets what you can trade for IQ Option.

You can buy this asset as a CFD product. Here is a guide on how to continue trading BTC on the IQ Option platform.

  • As a CFD asset, you can buy Bitcoin. Let’s look at the procedure.
  • Choose Bitcoin from Crypto (CFD) from the main menu.
  • Decide on the amount of investment you want to invest in Bitcoin. Remember the more you invest in Bitcoin if you get more Bitcoin.
  • You are now ready to buy Bitcoins.

On the tab “Open Positions,” you can follow your trades. Currently, the most popular and most profitable cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. But other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, IOTA, Lite Coin, Dash, and Ripple have great potential and you can trade all these cryptocurrencies on the IQ Option platform.

Although you can exchange other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, IOTA, Lite Coin, Dash and Ripple with Bitcoin on the IQ Option platform. It’s open to all traders. Even if other cryptocurrencies are not as popular as Bitcoin, they are gradually increasing and their trade can be useful for you. Because of this, many marketers are starting to trade with other cryptocurrencies too.

For trading, other crypto-currencies except for Bitcoin, you must follow the same rule, which means you only need one dollar of your investment. After that, with a simple click, you can start trading. Moreover, the analysis of the details is very easy to use. You can thank many of the tools and indicators that analyze the data for you. At ease, you can join the latest commercial trends on the IQ Option broker platform.

It is unknown how the price of Bitcoin will change in the future. But what we have seen is that Bitcoin is the refuge of cryptocurrency. In today’s world, Bitcoin is digital gold. During the Brexit, its value reaches 15%. Cryptocurrencies are on the upward trend and predicting the future of Bitcoin that you can overcome in your life.

Cryptocurrencies trading, cryptocurrencies brokers

This was included that one man or a group still remains a mystery realized that all of us using digital transactions end up paying more than we actually should. That’s why he invented the concept of peer-to-peer cash transfer system that was devoid of transactional or added charges. Just like a p2p file sharing system, the system emerged as an ecosystem for financial transactions and along with, or rather accidentally, emerged the concept of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin trading, lite coin trading, Ethereum trading

Today, cryptocurrencies have evolved to such an extent that there are cryptocurrencies trading portals that foster trading of some of the most popular forms of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Lite coin trading and more. They have evolved to such an extent that they have managed to gather the attention of international banks, financial institutions, and even governments. Tons of countries across the world are now shifting their focus concerning the people investing in cryptocurrencies and are either amending laws and regulating them or keeping an eye out for them.

If you are into cryptocurrency trading, or rather new to all these, platforms like IQ option cryptocurrency trading and others come into action. When you have trading strategies in hand and are looking for ways to kickstart your cryptocurrency trading, platforms like these will enable you to seamlessly understand what’s happening, what would happen and how you can move from a beginner to a pro. These platforms present you with charts and analytics tools that will help you understand trading and make way for better returns, have a support system where you can talk to another human on the other side about your concerns, and also provide you with a practice account, where you can practice trading using virtual money for training purposes and then slowly move to trading with real funds. You can get started on this platform, familiarize yourself with the functioning and terminologies and slowly move towards trading real money.

IQ Option

One of the hardest activities with regards to exchanging binary option is to pick a site to exchange them on. There are actually many decisions one can choose from out there depending on where you live. IQ option is an internet exchanging financier empowering clients to exchange a scope of instruments and fundamental resources, complained by those working for IQ option Ltd the representative offers it’s administrations to merchants around the world. Being it, a standout amongst the most intriguing things about IQ option is their low least store.

IQ option initially went onto the scene in 2013 and picked up a consistent measure of financial specialists from that point forward. When we checked online we found the webpage gets exceptionally good audits and is for the most part well idea of by those that have exchanged with them. The webpage certainly got our consideration when we found how much those that exchanged with them paid to the much respected web dealer. Here is our audit of what we feel is a done and commendable site to exchange binary option on. We will walk you through everything from the information exchange to the site ideal on through to putting exchanges and client bolster.

IQ Option Platform with the Cryptocurrencies

Trading Merchants utilizing the platform can exchange cryptocurrencies. One out of 7 digital forms of money can be exchanged through CFD instruments. The current digital forms of money which can be exchanged through the stage include:

  • Lite coin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin cash
  • IOTA
  • Ripple

Our initial introduction of chart controls is it takes some getting used to. Maybe some portion of the program is the route in which the move and zoom controls work. We additionally imagined the investigation devices were extremely fundamental particularly for somebody who has a Forex foundation. The fortunate thing about the program is that the withdrawal and store highlights are a piece of the essential interface. On the off chance that you take a peek at the base of the interface, you will discover a rundown of the considerable number of exchanges different clients is going into, and the majority of this data is progressive. The information will enable brokers to gauge the heading of the market, regardless of the possibility that it doesn’t add to total general dealer notion like the way Spot Option does with its platform. That is likewise a versatile adaptation of the stage mostly for clients who need to exchange while in a hurry. We like the way that the advantage list is long, including monetary standards, records, stocks, and resources, which add up to more than 500 fundamental resources. Most merchants will discover their benefits with regards to help them build up a more differentiated portfolio which can withstand showcase instability.

IQ Option’s Forex and CFD Trading

The capacity to exchange both CFDs and Forex is an incredibly capable element and a prevalent one at that too for merchants who need to use the worldwide markets to cushion their dangers. The vast majority may observe IQ Option’s CFD exchanging to be somewhat precarious since it has stringent authorizing directions. Be that as it may, it is this direction which has made a sound industry since dealers can believe it to secure them. The Forex exchanging highlight resembles trading monetary forms, i.e., one with the other. While CFDs depend on the contract between the end and strike cost. These are similar components in paired choices exchanging, thus most brokers will be comfortable with them. IQ option helps Forex dealer utilizes the stage to enable brokers to extend their current portfolio in an altogether straightforward and composed way. It is an element for beginners of Forex brokers that will help them.

Trading Forex CFDs by means of the IQ Option Platform

In the event that you go to the Forex CFDs exchanging screen, you can set the strike cost for resources that you are keen on exchanging. The catches will demonstrate both your purchase and offer. The ideal for the catches, this is where you can enter in the sum you need to exchange and the general multiplier or the use. IQ Alternative enables dealers to use most extreme 1:30, however, it is set at 1:50 naturally. You can make certain that exchanging Forex CFDs on the stage is exceptionally basic. Likewise, there is no chance for you to have a negative adjust which can regularly be caused by utilizing influence instruments. Thus, at the end of the day, IQ option uses negative adjust assurance for CFDs brokers.

(ICOs) Investing Problems

Most people get away from investing in ICOs after reading news online describing scamming and bankruptcy. This news creates anonymity and fears between new investors, most of the bankrupt investors being the cause of their action by investing in wrong share. Thereby end up being scammed for example, an investor may accept a Bitcoin payment request and will be unable to hear from the seller again. This is why it is advised to ignore any payment request if anything seems odd and proceeds to look for a legitimate funding.

Cryptocurrencies is related with the coins success. Some coins are developed only to create interest of the public, raise money for personal purposes and then dump the coin. Thus, the investor loses everything. The coin market is similar to gambling where there are fifty percent chances (50%) of winning and you are playing against the house so the winning rate reduces to nearly zero. Though you can win one or two times but most of the time you will lose. ICOs have created market bubble, so experts believe that most of them will fail. Most of the coins are overpriced and there will be downturn in the market. Only a few of the coins will see the success.

Lastly, you should have it in mind that not all investors online are scammers.

Why People Choose Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin and ICOs system are a centralized exchange system that helps in the regulating the fluctuate one platform to another. People chose to invest and trade Bitcoin as their main currency because Bitcoin is known to be available all over the world without a timeframe for trading it or investing. Bitcoin never closes as it is always open for trading even on weekends. Bitcoin have been chosen over international stocks and currencies because of its volatility, enabling investor to benefit greatly from the amount of volatility.

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