Best Ghost Writer for Self-Help Book as Fundamental Tool for Sharing Your Personal Growth Story

Every person, belong to any part of the globe, is suffering from some major or minor personal problem. Some are fighting with diseases, some want to lose weight, some are facing financial crises, some have parenting problems and some are trying to resolve relationship issues. There are two ways to solve any problem. First one is getting the help of others and another one is taking help from self-help books written by any professional ghostwriter. Yes, these are the self-help books that encourage the readers to solve their personal problems on their own and suggest some very effective ways of solving these personal problems. Mostly, self-help books are written on any one issue that people usually face during the routine life. Well, it doesn’t mean that any ghostwriter can write a self-help book. You cannot compare a ghost writer for a self-help book with a ghostwriter for memoir. Every ghostwriter has a different type of expertise and can be judged only on the basis of the quality of his work.

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Prevalent Topics for Self-Help Books

These are some prevalent topics for self-help books:

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Abuse
  • Personal Growth
  • Parenting/Childcare
  • Better Relationships
  • Forgiveness
  • Anger Management
  • Emotional Healing
  • Career Development
  • Surviving With Disease
  • Weight Management
  • Fitness

Do You Need Self-Help Book Writing Help or You Can Write a Self-Help Book on Your Own?

Writing successful self-help and how-to books is definitely not an easy task. You cannot consider the readers as totally ignorant people. Remember! A person, who fights with some personal problem, becomes much wiser than the person who is not facing the same issue. You cannot get an idea that how much he has already tried to resolve the problem. So, you cannot take the reader of your book, an easy person who will act upon your advice without thinking about its consequences.

First thing is that you cannot claim the solution to any problem without providing its justification and prove of having no side effect. Moreover, you have to provide limitations and conditions of your solution for the concerned problem. So, if I will say anyone to write a successful self-help book for me, it will be not easy for anyone to write it. Only a professional ghostwriter can write it, which already has proven experience of writing a self-help book. Secondly, it is hard to complete the self-help book within the affordable size, length and word count by the person who wants to write a self-help book. Again, an experienced self-help ghostwriter can help to write the excellent draft of self-help book within the limitations. If any person writes the self-help book on his own, then he will need the help of ghost writer during the next stage i.e., formatting, structuring, and proofreading of text.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ghostwriting

Is ghostwriting a type of plagiarism?

According to definition plagiarism is stealing the words of another, using another’s creation without accepting the source, doing literary theft and presenting as an original idea. However, ghostwriting is not the same. The difference between the two is: A plagiarist copies the text without the permission of the true author, while a ghostwriter is itself a true author who writes the content on behalf of some person that will be claimed as an author of the book in published material. In many countries, ghostwriting is a legal practice and many famous people use the ghostwriters to write for motivational self-help books.

What is the cost of hiring a ghostwriter?

According to Writers Weekly, an experienced writer with a successful background can earn $10,000 – $15,000, whereas a highly experienced writer can demand $20,000 or even more. To set a standard, the Canadian Writers Union fixed the least fee for ghostwriting a book as $25,000.

Why to hire a ghostwriter?

All those people, who have the authentic solution to some personal problem that usually people face during their routine life, want to write a self-help book to instruct the people about their self-treatment. However, many of these people don’t have professional writing skills of how-to-book or extra time to write a book. Ultimately, these persons try to hire a ghostwriter for writing a self-help book, autobiography, fictional or non-fictional work.

How to hire a ghostwriter?

Lots of Ghostwriters are available at various online writing forums. You can easily find a ghostwriter just by searching “ghostwriter” on any search engine. However, it is better to hire the ghostwriter through reputed and authentic online writer service to avoid any problem in future.

How a Professional Ghost Writer for Self-Help Book Can Make Your Story More Successful

If you want to write a personal growth story and looking for some self-help book writing help, just contact with some reputed ghostwriter.  Let’s see, how a professional ghostwriter can make your self-help book more successful:

  • The foremost benefit of hiring a professional ghostwriter to make your self-help book more successful is getting enough time to think about critical aspects of self-help book after reviewing the work of a ghostwriter.
  • The other key benefit of hiring a ghostwriter is that, in a whole self-help book, the ideas and suggestions are yours and all those ideas are written in highly professional and impressive way.
  • How-to-book the ideas of a self-help book is a critical step and ghostwriter do it for you in much professional manner.
  • Fixing the spelling, grammar, formatting mistakes are the obligation of a ghostwriter.
  • Proofreading is the responsibility of ghostwriter.
  • Clearance from plagiarism is the responsibility of ghostwriter.
  • Ultimately, making the self-help book successful is the responsibility of ghostwriter.

When we hire a ghostwriter for motivational self-help book ghost writing, we should not only provide the draft of our ideas in written or audio/visual form but must provide all supporting documents and photos as proof of our claim that we want to unveil in our self-help book. Obviously, a writer can write a self-help book only when he applies the solution of treatment on itself or some other person and find the positive results. So, he must share this experience and a most effective way to prove the claim is sharing some real photos related to the solution of the problem.

Our Qualfied Ghost Writer for Self-Help Book

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Let’s have a look at some salient features of our service:

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What Is Included in Self-Help Book Ghostwriting Process

Let’s see the step of cooperation between clients and our writers:

  • Analysis of self-help book category: Just after submitting the filled up “Order Form” and depositing the fee, we will analyze the category in which you want to write a self-help book.
  • Assigning the right ghostwriter according to category: Can anyone write a self-help book? Of course not. According to a genre of your self-help book, we arrange a competent and professional writer, who will contact you immediately after placing the order.
  • One-to-one meeting: Our professional ghostwriter will do a one-to-one meeting with you via online video chat portal according to the availability of your time and will take all your opinions and ideas about the self-help book and will collect the necessary documents and photographs if any.
  • First draft: Right after discussion, our ghostwriter will start working on the first draft of your book and will send to you within the committed time limit.
  • Editing the first draft: Just after receiving the reviewed draft from you, our writer will edit the draft according to your desire and will send you a final draft for proofreading.
  • Publishing the self-help book: Right after getting confirmation from you after finalizing the draft, our writer will hand over the draft to us and we will make arrangement to publish the draft in book form.
  • Your name as the author of a book: We do ghostwriting work with full confidentiality and write your name as book author on published material.

Finding a professional ghost writer for a self-help book is not easy. Contact us to hire the services of professional ghostwriter in cheapest price with full confidentiality!